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Noise Complaint, Radler, Millstone Grit


KPSU presents:
Noise Complaint
From the primordial swamps of Southwest Washington come two brothers…. in a van. Kicking eardrums in the gonads since 2012, Noise Complaint combines over 35 hangovers of musical experience in stomping snail-shaped cochleas like so many gastropods daring enough to slime their way across 6 lanes of highway – one live show at a time. Their mission: To (1) simultaneously reflect on and express the ups, downs, and “mehs” of everyday life through the spectacle of jumping around like a bunch of boneheads (when appropriate) while (2) interpreting ancient stone age language through the mystical energy of tasty riffage with all the subtlety of the last Australopithecus-afarensis banging two mammoth-hide bags full of rocks together in a display of dominance over a suitable female at an upper paleolithic kegger (because you know they got down). Oh, and they have a bass player.


Millstone Grit

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