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NW Post Rock Road Show


Long Hallways

Wander (bay Area)

You May Die in the Desert (SEA) is a three-piece instrumental band from Seattle, WA. The trio are a tight knit machine that create chaotic, cinematic, and progressive music.
You May Die in the Desert

Gazelle(s): With a tendency towards dramatic shifts and an approach rooted in restlessness, Eugene, Oregon’s Gazelle(s) brand of instrumental rock is one without boundaries. “There’s No One New Around You” shifts from moments of elegiac ambience to menacing doom. Sorrowful violin melodies, pummeling guitar textures, and pounding bass and drums interweave, creating a sonic carpet structured in a 4/4 foundation that is suddenly pulled from beneath your feet. Their intriguing time changes create a free fall into a solitary darkened void, out of which emerges something beautiful and sanguine.

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