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Jackie Deville, Jermaine



Obscurley (adverb) is defined as in a way that is difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify or in a deliberately enigmatic manner. Obscurley is a Pacific-Northwest-based indie-alternative musical group established in Portland, Oregon in 2019. Their style cannot be narrowed down to one select type, but rather includes several different genres of music, which is evidenced in their first full studio album entitled “Lost Circus” released by Innerstate Music Group (formerly Innerstate Records, LLC) on August 6th, 2021 in addition to a solo cover of “Purple Haze,” by Sony and UMG in September. Thus, the name Obscurley.
The group is currently the Number 1 Rated Ska artist in the world according to Reverbnation and the animated music video for their song “Jacue,” became the most streamed ska music video on YouTube after being published for 2 weeks. The group’s most notable accomplishment is that they were one of ten artists in America chosen for a Sponsorship by Musicares (Grammy Awards) in 2020.

Jackie Deville is a deaf Americana multi instrumentalist from Nashville who plays guitar, banjo, harmonica, piano, fiddle and mandolin. They are heavily inspired by old time folk and blues and have been recording music for 15 years.

Jermaine is an Indie-R&B recording artist, songwriter, producer/engineer and entrepreneur based out of Arizona. A recent graduate from Northern Arizona University, Jermaine has been a musician since childhood where he began singing in church choirs at the age of eight. While extending his education and classical training, Jermaine has created a unique sound that has been influenced by R&B, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Jazz, Pop, Folk, and Classical genres. An artist with a flare for catchy hooks and melodic lines, this soulful crooner has packed on plenty of vocal harmonies that are sweet on the ears and has produced beats that are sure to make you groove.

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