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Olivia Klugman

Megan Cronin, Siena Christie


Olivia Klugman
FB: @olivia.klugman
IG: @olivklug
Tk: @olivklug
Referred to by the Spotify team as a member of the “next-generation of singer-songwriters”, Olivia Klugman writes nostalgic folk songs with a modern lyrical twist. Fans have compared their music most frequently to Brandi Carlile and Joni Mitchell.

Megan Cronin
FB: @megancroninmusic
IG: @megandawnviola
Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Megan Cronin blends sweet heartache with renewal in her pointed lyrics and ethereal arrangements. Her voice has been compared to Hope Sandoval’s of Mazzy Star.

Siena Christie
FB: @siena.christie.official
IG: @siena.christie
Siena Christie is a country-folk singer-songwriter, a daughter of diverse musical traditions, and an ardent seeker of truth. Her crystal-clear voice and keenly empathic lyrics have earned comparisons to Alison Krauss, Jewel, and Norah Jones, as well as critical acclaim both locally and nationally. Most recently, she won first place in the online Great River Folk Festival song contest for her entry “Dear Northland.”

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