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omniboi and Ehiorobo

Old Grape God

TICKETS $15/20

omniboi & Ehiorobo are teaming up to embark on a co-headline tour across the east and west coasts of the U.S. Throughout a string of 15 shows, each night’s attendees can expect headline-length sets from both artists performing material from their respective discographies. An eclectic mixture of genres is to be explored within each performance including various styles of electronic music, indie-pop, hip hop/rap, funk/soul, and alternative r&b.

Long-time friends through various internet music scenes, omniboi & Ehiorobo have a history of collaborating and performing together. In 2018, they independently released a collaborative track titled “1 Slash Million” which has since garnered over 3,000,000 streams across platforms. With a new collaborative track readied at their fingertips, both omniboi and Ehiorobo are excited to debut another fruit of their musical friendship on stages across North America.

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omniboi is a musical artist out of LA. Composing soundtracks for video games (We Are OFK) and animation, omniboi uses synthesizers to create house and indie-pop heavily inspired by the music in retro games and Japanese shibuya-kei.

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Ehiorobo is an alternative r&b vocalist, musician & producer from Brooklyn by way of New Jersey. Known for his eccentric vocal style often blending expressive crooning with poetic asides as well as his eclectic range of stylistic output (alt. r&b, indie-rock, electronic, hip hop, and more), he’s become well-known for being a chameleon within the space of indie music.

Old Grape Gods
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Old Grape God is a prolific all-purpose artist based in Portland, OR. Having released nearly 40 projects in 10 years, he is also a member of Paint Soup with Slick Devious and leads an amorphous collective of artists called Time Travel 444. He has collaborated with over 100 other musicians, including Toro Y Moi, AJ Suede, Televangel, Luckyiam (of Living Legends), and more. His Big Flowers-produced album, I Turn the Room to a Lava Lamp, drops in May 2023. Despite his extensive catalogue of recordings, he prefers to improvise most of his live sets. You won’t see an opener as pourous as Old Grape God.

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