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Organ Tapes

Alex Compton, ven con_, Bitter Camari

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Organ Tapes
Organ Tapes is a musician from London and Shanghai. His music is characterised by layered guitar loops, midi instrumentation, field recordings and autotune vocals. Recorded between late 2019 and throughout 2020, his most recent album is called “唱着那无人问津的歌谣 / Chang Zhe Na Wu Ren Wen Jin De Ge Yao” (Worldwide Unltd 2022) and incorporates more real instrumentation. It was preceded by an EP, “Plenty Wine In The Cup” (self-released 2022). Other releases include full-lengths “Hunger In Me Living” (TT Label 2019) and “Into One Name” (Genome 6.66mbp 2017) and the EP “Words Fall To Ground” (Creamcake 2016), as well as various collaborative works. He also releases club edits and mashups under the ‘DJ Corpmane’ alias and hosts a monthly show on NTS Radio.

Alex Compton

ven con_

Bitter Camari
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black trans enby rapper from the USA; based out of PDX. shoegazy, sometimes ambient trap/drill-esque vibes. cloud rap energy. been working since ~2014.
I was raised in NYC and absorbed New England and Caribbean culture from my parents; recently, this has turned my ear towards UK drill, Afrobeats, and music from all over the diaspora.
I’m a major fan of dub, ambient, sleep, tea, being alone, and spending time in-person with my close ones.
I was around when cloud rap was coming into prominence with Lil B, Xaiver Wulf, and Yung Lean; I fell in love with the sound and its been a major influence on my approach to music and writing since. I love writing. much of my focus falls there when making work.
graphic design, videography, producing, songwriting, and journaling are some of my passions. i’m a lover of anticolonial literature and work.


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