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$7 – $10


A bi-monthly queer showcase


Frankie Simone
“Birth, Life, Death, Rebirth.The most simple yet complex of concepts – I lead each day with this at the forefront of my mind. None of us know our timeline, so why not discover, uncover, and fully share our most authentic selves with the world while we can? In an effort to raise the collective consciousness, to heighten it’s vibration of compassion and love, I’ve dedicated my life and music to radiating light. To fully embrace and embody the empowered, unashamed, sensual, and incredibly fierce spirit that is me — unapologetically.
My songs are a direct reflection of my experiences and inspired by experiences of those around me. My calling, as a Queer Woman of color, is to express my narrative without inhibition. I hope it fuels you with fire, I hope it leaves you with more space and tolerance for opinions different than your own, I hope it mirrors immense self love, and I hope you are inspired to share your own unique magic with the world. There’s enough room for us all.
Love, Light, n’ Power,



and more!

with Doubleplusgood as the house band

With ASL Interpreters provided by Fingers Crossed

Proceeds go to Q Center

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