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Amos Heart

Shmoo, black Shelton

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Amos Heart

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Meet Teddy— Through trembling synthesizers, guitars awash in reverb, and drums recorded on bedroom microphones comes Shmoo’s sympathetic falsetto, issuing lyrics of deep introspection and painfully raw expression. Moving from San Francisco to New Orleans and recording every instrument alone, Shmoo has devoted themself to this kind of aching and personal art, but in their creation you will hear no melancholy. Let us not mince words: in Shmoo’s music there is an inescapable affection for tenderness, and on top of this tenderness is constructed a baroque structure of layered instrumentation, enveloping harmonies, and a depth of feeling designed to create the community of peace and goodwill encapsulated in the music. It bypasses completely the impulse to depress, and if you let it, it will touch you not at your ears but at the level of the spine. — Statement by Graham Boswell For live shows Teddy is joined by friends: Stephen Wood – lead guitar Joey Zweig – bass Wyatt Pinto – drums

Black Shelton and the American Dream

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