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Phantom Pink

Jakki and the Pink Smudge, Frecks


Phantom Pink
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On a sunny morning in Portland, brayton walls sat outside and began to jot down some new song ideas. He came across the phrase, “I’ve been running my whole life,” which at the time had no significant meaning to him. He decided to call it quits for the day and work on it later. Little did he know, that line would become the first utterances of Phantom Pink in the song “Dancing”, a light, whimsical reflection on past lives lived and future lives to come. 
 “Devil’s Advocation”, Phantom Pink’s most recent release, soars into airy heights with wavy guitars, soft harps, rambling bongos and melancholic horns. 
 Phantom Pink is an indie-art-rocker, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His love for music began when he was only a child, he never being able to stop his constant daydreaming of new melodies, which is something he still struggles with to this day.

Jakki and the Pink Smudge
Jakki and The Pink Smudge is a solo indie/punk/funk artist with a revolving, dynamic backup band based in Portland, OR.

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Frecks is comprised of one twenty-something member named Jayden from Portland, Oregon. Jayden has been writing music since her early teen years and draws inspiration from all aspects of her life. Pulling from concepts of introspection and undying love, she aims to tug on heartstrings with dreamy guitar riffs and haunting melodies.

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