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Phone Voice (solo)

Wet Thud, Tradie


Phone Voice
Phone Voice is the musical project of Portland-based artist and educator Chitra Subrahmanyam. Their sound ranges from soft melodies to grungey swells, the ebb and flow of a psychic storm. In 2021 Subrahmanyam released her debut album Cradle Tape, described as “warm, cozy bedroom rock with lo-fi intimacy and lyric emotion to spare” (Paste Magazine).

Wet Thud
Wet Thud is genre fluid creepy slut rock, making music for the macabre and the delighted, for those who live with hope and fear dancing cheek to cheek in their hearts.

Tradie is a clumsy handyman who makes music for tradespeople who write poems on their lunch breaks and need a big hug when they get home from work.

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