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Pickled Peach

Emma Bowers, Midnight Granger


Pickled Peach

Pickled Peach is Nick McClurg is a musician in Portland, Oregon making music from his house. He likes: playing music, music, his bedroom, his friends.

Emma Bowers

Midnight Granger
Levyy (Midnight Granger) is based in Portland, Oregon. 
 Combining elements of different music styles, Levyy creates a unique indie-bedroom-psychedelic-dream-pop sound that is hard to pin down. 
 His goal is to get listeners to think. Levyy often writes about love, the self, awareness, and other societal issues. His lyrics tend to blend the humorous and satirical with the sincere and universal. Representing the tension between cynicism and progress, they can often have a dark message, with a hopeful undertone, or vise versa.

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