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Red Forman, Sunsout, New Not Normals


Red Forman: Three piece math rock band. Irregular rhythms, sketchy ambiance, a high energy, punk paced performance.

Sunsout: From the mud and the crud, we bawled and we crawled out of the fertile mother planet’s life-sac and breathed. Hundreds of years later, at our combined-funeral on Confabula 1, it will undoubtedly be said that our beginnings were purely terrestrial, chartable, datable – that we met in Portland, Oregon over the course of a decade, mind-and-body melded over a shared love of plush soundscapes, rude beats and uncouth adjective usage – but this curt history will, also undoubtedly, fall short of the wild, near mythological origins which will remain, in perpetuity, veiled in mystery and sealed in a vault deep below the surface of the artificial metamoon orbiting Ganymede we intend on establishing in our posthumous, incorporeal post-lives as sonic space ghouls.
Sunsout believes that our sun is not the only one and that, furthermore, it is only a matter of a smatter of time before that really matters (if it matters)…
Until then, we play human music for human heads and hearts.

New Not Normals holler into prog-rock caverns at the edge of garageland, sounding the shadows for hidden heartbeats. Weirdo rockers Josh Boyd (guit, vocs, theremin, samples, loops) and Cyndy Chan (bass, vocs) formed this power trio in 2014 to play stripped-down, trippy wizard anthems influenced in equal parts by garage, punk, classic rock and indie rock. Newest drummer Dan Kopton ups the tempo with midwestern fervor.

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