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Rights Nights

A Benefit for Planned Parenthood


A benefit festival across Columbia and Willamette Valley.
Planned Parenthood
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Call to Safety

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Tristina Bumgarner, a multi-eyed wheel of angelic vocal fury and Ryan Tippmann, a cybernetic necromancer of guitars and drum machines join cosmic forces to become Grimiss. Together they continually vanquish the demonic forces of inanity and boredom with celestial hymns of ‘fuck yeah’ energy.

Nonbinary Girlfriend

Megan Diano
Songwriting driven by vintage keyboards, Megan Diana loves a Wurlitzer and Fender Rhodes – especially when put thru an echo pedal. She layers her lush voice in choral layers – going atmospheric at times and then all at once back to the center of her chest in a whisper. Her debut record – Women in My Head – written and dedicated to the important women in her life – (her beloved Grandma Mac graces the cover) allows her to bring in her French Horn in equal parts Canadian Brass and Chet Baker (if he played the F Horn). Some songs lean towards Dark Americana Noir, others clearly constructed pop – with a full band (and new her pedal steel player) things start to turn Western Flavor Florence Welch and have given life to her new genre – DREAM COUNTRY DISCO

Penny Wishes
Penny Wishes is a three-piece indie rock band that originated in Ohio in 2017. The project started as the bassist Siera Lynn’s brainchild and creative outlet. Nolan Klock can be found on guitar and vocals bringing a tangy, tangible ruckus. Nolan and Siera met drummer Turner Reading + quickly got to work writing together for their to-be-released 2nd album Gibberish Words.

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