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Shadowhouse, Disco Volante, Apollo Era


Shadowhouse: With the self-ascribed motto “Play loud, Dance slow,” Portland-based Shadowhouse sits at the intersection of post punk and goth. Singer/guitarist Shane grew up in the punk clubs of SE Portland and formed the band in early 2012, along with Josh on drums and Justen on bass. Their songs combine a love for new peer bands and a deep fascination with bands of the past.
They self-released 200 of their first 45 in December 2013 which quickly sold out, followed by a limited re-release of 100 in July 2014 that was also gone before the end of the year.

Disco Volante
Disco Volante

Apollo Era are a three piece band from Arcata, CA. Their drummers cycle out often, but at the core are Richard and Danny, bringing you memorable tunes you can either dance to or use to sink into yourself a little. Many tunes do both. They love to play live music, because dead music is pretty lackluster.
Apollo Era

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