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Silver Medal

The Jupiter Suite

Silver Medal is a 5-piece rock band from Portland, Oregon that has taken rhythm-driven pop in one hand, a dog-eared existentialist novel in the other, and shaken the hell out of both until they make a catchy rhythm.

With a shared addiction to compelling hooks, pop harmonies, and depressive episodes (bummer on that last one, guys) the five friends who compose Silver Medal came together in a neon-lit basement during the cold months of 2016 and have been writing irresistible nihilist-pop ever since.

Their freshman album, Easy Doesn’t, was released in 2017. The satisfying nostalgia of crunchy guitars, earnest vocals and irony-free lyrics is balanced out by well-crafted melodies and shiny synth, all glued together by the band’s quintessentially Pacific Northwestern DIY ethos.

Live, Silver Medal alternates between bittersweet pop melodies and emotional, wall-of-sound rock, with an evolving mood that keeps the audience engaged as they easily swing from pensive, reflective melodies to drum-driven, danceable, pop-rock odes to Camus.

Easy Doesn’t can be found one all streaming services, and Silver Medal can be found wherever cheap beer is sold.

The Jupiter Suite

With Paige Kreisman (OR HD-42) and Albert Lee (OR 03) speaking

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