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Dancer on Probation

Tommy Jack Pieper, Kitchen Congregation


Dancer on Probation

Tommy Jack Pieper
Tommy Jack Pieper is currently a songwriter/singer from the real California. Their grappling with the creative impulse has led to the release of many projects over the course of the last 5 years- since they began working under their given name. Their art-damaged-sad-bastard sound is as typical/unremarkable as it is self-serious and navel-gazing. Having put out the albums “Happy Fuckin’ Valentine’s Day” and “Elvis” in 2022- to intimate and very select pockets of acclaim-, they are currently working on “Jung in His Tower”, to be released during the first quarter of 2023. They are also working on quitting smoking.

Kitchen Congregation
Kitchen Congregation is the solo project of Hannah Morton who has been writing and performing music in bands for nearly a decade. The name for the moniker was a light-hearted play on an observation that Hannah made about how it seems social gatherings somehow end with friends gathering around in the kitchen. The moniker has taken on a second meaning as the recorded works have become a sort of collaboration among friends.
The songs play around with observations Hannah has made about herself and the people around her (just life stuff) with a bedroom pop / folk sound.
The live Kitchen Congregation set features Hannah’s vocals and words backed by finger picked electric guitar and occasional tracks and violin.
Kitchen Congregation put out their first EP “i’m not having fun anymore” in 2021 and is currently recording their 2nd ep, “this is gonna suck” due out in 2023.

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