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Streetcar Conductors

Dr Something, Denim Wedding

TICKETS $6 – $8

Streetcar Conductors began in 2013 as the solo project of singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Moore. Jonathan was putting together a “best of” collection consisting of songs he had written over the last 20 years, and as a conceptual framework, he decided to create a fictitious band for the release. After recording most of the debut album himself, he became restless with the process and began looking for members, hoping to turn the conceptual band into a real band.
It took a while, but his wish came true. Over the years, the project has evolved into a five piece band consisting of Jonathan on drums and Vocals, Carmen Charters on piano and synthesizers, Michael Hollifield and Jimmy Ling on electric guitars, and Matt Dinaro on Bass. The vocal harmonies of Moore & Charters are one of the defining features of the band’s sound. Their style can be described as Power Pop with elements of Garage Rock, 60’s pop, 90’s alternative rock, and 80’s New Wave. Catchy melodies, overdriven guitars, male-female sing-along vocals, and analog synthesizers lend a timeless appeal to their songs. This is not the flavor of the month; it’s a classic pop sound that will never go out of style.
If you listen closely, there is a lyrical depth that lends an emotional complexity to these deceptively simple songs. Some of them are funny, some are sad, some thought-provoking, and a few manage to be all of these things at once. It’s the kind of music that rewards repeat listens, a quality that one doesn’t always find in today’s pop music.
This streetcar is rolling. Hop on board, and see where it takes you!

Dr Something a.k.a. Alison Dennis, is a singer-songwriter based in Portland, OR. Former projects include Dr. Something & the Pipin’ Hot Love Engines, and Coney Island Cartel. She currently plays keyboards in the band All I Feel Is Yes and has performed ad hoc clarinet and/or piano with Y La Bamba, Spirit Duplicator (née Celesteville), Pokey Twig, Audie Darling, Leonard Mynx, and Cozmo Jethro

Denim Wedding

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