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The Jack Maybe Project, Zach Bryson and the Meat Rack, Brother Not Brother


The Jack Maybe Project is a Portland band that takes the sounds of the old gods of the American Songbook, and updates them with modern popular forms and aesthetics. Jack Maybe started as a monster who would show up at small venues, but gathered others of his ilk and recently released his second album at a sold out Kelly’s Olympian album release show.

The current sounds are made by the monsters of guitar, clarinet, banjo, drums, bass, clarinet, and trumpet, along with the roaring of both crowd and monster. Thousands of years ago, the sirens of Jazz, Blues, Folk, and Bluegrass whispered into Jack Maybe’s ear. Soon, he would spread their sounds, and mix them together. And as he updated his sounds through the years, he found the other monsters to create The Jack Maybe Project.

The members of The Jack Maybe Project change forms, and sometimes instruments, but the skeletal structure around the songs remain the same. This keeps the sound fresh, and every experience seeing them something new. The other monsters in the band are able to keep up with these changes, and help grow the sound and each experience.

The songs he sings are still the same sirens, but with an updated form. Songs of love, loss, heartbreak, longing, hardships, travel, and abstractions litter the air around them.

Zach Bryson and the Meat Rack is a Country Songwriter/Performer From Portland, OR who plays original Country music with his backing band.
Zach Bryson

Brother Not Brother
Brother Not Brother

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