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To Bloom

Lynyrd Nimoy, Unknown Just


To Bloom
FB: @tobloomband
IG: @tobloomband
To Bloom is a four-piece Progressive Rock outfit based in Portland, Oregon. The band tastefully incorporates head-bobbing grooves, gripping melodies, and deliciously technical guitar riffing that’ll keep you coming back for more. With influences from Jazz, Post-Hardcore, Math Rock, and R&B, To Bloom is a band that guarantees a fresh take on the Prog-Rock scene.

Lynyrd Nimoy
FB: @lynyrdnimoy
IG: @lynyrdnimoy
Lynyrd Nimoy is breakneck drums, vibrant vocals, quick, inventive bass lines, overdriven fuzz tone guitars from oversized pedalboards, broken cymbals, shredded bass strings, lyrics about outer space civilizations and grandmothers, love songs at 11, fastest hands in the west, nicely dressed folks with crass behavior, bleeding hearts in the patriarchy.

Unknown Just
IG: @rumblesofrevolution

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