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Toño the Rapper

Theresa Sweetheart, AyeleeX


Toño the Rapper
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TOÑO. The one with the silent tilde. A hyperpop rapper making their way back onto the stage with one fire bar at a time. Hot off the heels of their 2022 projects 1(800)TOÑO&YUCK and HallowEP RETURNS: Directors Cut, Toño is here to deliver the vibe you didn’t know you needed.

Theresa Sweetheart
Instagram | Twitter
Theresa Sweetheart is a normal girl who does normal things. Raised in rural Maryland, she currently resides in Portland, OR. When she isn’t making music, you can find her eating hamburgers with her family and friends. She likes to watch YouTube videos, drool over Twitch streamers, and play guitar.
Theresa loosely considers herself to be a performance artist. Like most girls born after 1993, she enjoys lying and bending the truth. A typical reaction to a Theresa Sweetheart set is “wait…did she really just…???” That said, questioning this diva is a losing game. When she’s in the room, you have no choice but to accept that Mommy is in charge now.
Is Theresa a real woman? She would say yes. Some cis girls might say no, but we call those girls TERFs. Her identity as a “stereotypical female” is an essential part of her musical aesthetic. She’s bratty, nasally, and very hot. She wants what she wants and she wants it now! If only she knew what she actually wanted.
And last but not least: her music! A pop pastiche traversing elements of lofi, alt rock, general MIDI soundfonts, and The Beatles. That’s right, how did you like my use of the word “traversing” just then, huh? You dirty little hipster. Stop reading already and listen to the music!

Instagram | Tiktok| Twitter

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