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Monarch presents: Tough Boy

Maggie Gently, Pileup

TICKETS $10/12

Tough Boy
IG: @toughboy.online

Maggie Gently
FB: @maggiegently
IG: @maggiegently
Maggie Gently (she/her) is a San Francisco-based indie songwriter with a fondness for wild schemes and intimate gestures. Maggie is a queer woman whose identity is important to her and the community she creates and participates in.

FB: @swandivepileup
IG: @__pileup__
Originally conceived as a three-piece band during the fall of 2017 in Long Beach, Pileup has grown across state lines with a rotating cast of contributors based out of Portland and Los Angeles County. They play down-tempo, contemplative rock music that hints at 90’s and early 2000’s slowcore and indie inspirations, pairing sparse lyricism with lush and dynamic instrumental arrangements.

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