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Tres Peligrosos

Mess Machine, Station Bound


Tres Peligrosos
Deep sea space rock trio from Portland, OR. Driving and distorted guitars, an athletic drum performance, and quirky, neon synth melodies all swim underneath a stadium of dark-eyed vocals that invite you to chant along. For the three seahorses – Daniel Baltazar, David Aitkin and Rachel Zakrasek – playing music is about friends. Their energetic live show invites everyone to be a part of the party. Still in their first year, Tres Peligrosos is touring Japan in February and releasing their first album in spring 2020.

Mess Machine
The psych rock power trio you didn’t know you were waiting for. Mess Machine, formed in Early 2019 by Nate Neuner (guitar, vocals,) Aaron Wilford (drums) and Willy Sharp (bass), conjures a sound raised on garage rock, honed by Ween, and psyched by Hendrix. The group can be seen performing all around Portland and is currently recording their debut album.

Station Bound
Towering tones fueled by soulful harmony make this group spark a raging fire. Station Bound is a rag tag group of outlaw grunge artists tasked to save the world. Realizing the danger of modern life and the power to affect change through music, Swamp Dog drafted Tristan, Rayne and Greer to make ground shaking sound. Time is short but the journey has just begun. Station Bound is slamming a fork in the road and laying a new path for you to follow, change is coming.

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