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VHS Vengeance


VHS Vengeance is Portland’s only Movie Riffing Comedy Show and YOU the audience get to join in!

Hell Comes to Frog Town: After a nuclear war, the survivors are divided between horribly mutated beings
who live on desolate reservations and fertile women who are searching for scarce virile men in order to
multiply and start a new human society.
Carolyn Main: Creator and host of Pitch Please (the game of the sixty second screenplay!) and audience

Plenty of riffs
Contest with vintage prizes!
Access to booze and food!
YOU! (audience snark, riffing & existential film commentary strongly encouraged)
Did we mention RODDY PIPER stars in this gem?!?

So if you enjoy Mystery Science Theater 3000, or Rifftrax, come on out to Kelly's Olympian and relive
some future past with your hosts, Nick Puente, Aaron Wagner & Michael Garcia!
21+ only

A co-production by
Films Against Humanity, VHS Vengeance & Macaque Attack Media

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