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Onion, Superhoog


Wavicle is a four-piece psychedelic funk fusion project based in Portland, Oregon. Formed in 2021, this instrumental outfit are making a name for themselves with a sound that features jazz- and funk-inspired grooves layered behind psychedelic melodies you won’t soon forget. Their high-energy shows are amplified by a collective love for improvisation and exploring odd time signatures, resulting in a unique blend of musicianship and creativity.
Their music has been described as “meditative” and “all the vibes” and the band are currently finishing up their debut EP, which is expected to arrive early in 2023.

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Onion is an instrumental quintet that combines the most salient aspects of rock, jazz and funk with an untethered sense of invention. Onion puts on engaging live performances that can range from esoteric and exhilarating to deep-rooted and wistful.

David Hoogkamer is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer. On his April 2022 release, A Phoenix Transformation, he is featured on all vocals and instruments, including all aspects of composition and engineering.

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