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POSTPONED: Wax Statues

Fast Times, Sun Drunks

Wax Statues blends 60’s psychedelia with 80’s synths specifically for you.

Fast Times
There are two pieces of evidence of the debut live performance of FAST TIMES – a new project
from Bay Area music scene stalwarts Andrew St. James, Duncan Nielsen (Doncat,
Geographer), and Cody Rhodes (Sandy's, CURLS, Geographer).
One is a shaky video taken by a member of San Francisco band Sandy's from the green room
at The Chapel, showing an enamored crowd and a widely grinning St. James, minutes into the
trio’s rousing track “Tuesday Night.” The other, from the opposite angle and taken just a few
moments later, a still photograph by local music photography luminary Paige K. Parsons of
Nielsen, smiling back, eyes sparkling. 
The magic – overwhelming, slightly disorienting – that abundantly and undeniably entered the
room, is there in both.
The result of a bond formed from years of supporting the various iterations of each other's
musical offerings, the trio comprising FAST TIMES came together in the first part of 2019 as an
experiment which now, months later, feels for each like a fated path. Their easily-found spirit of
collaboration has already yielded a prolific, well-crafted tangle of songs, and those demos, now
passed in secret through the Bay Area music community in the weeks following the Chapel
show, continue to build excitement. 
Steeped in nostalgia and given voice with the earnest lyrics of both St. James and Nielsen, and
guided by the much-lauded Rhodes, the tracks are at once wistful ("10th Grade") and tender
("Heaven Sent"), while still reactive to the complicated miasma of the now ("I Believe"). They
are familiar, but provoking. They live and breathe, resoundingly, in the present. Now, a much-
buzzed future awaits, and as their name may portend, there’s no trio better suited for its arrival.

Sun Drunks

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