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LASKA, Ritual Jaw


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Separate beginnings strung together by a shared love of music-making, Willernie pulls upon heartstrings special to the magic borne from minutia, times’ passage, and deep feelings. An homage to her hometown, Cleo Knickerbocker (lead guitar) formed Willernie in 2019 in a pre-pandemic world alongside Mat Larimer (bass). 2020’s isolation was a crucial player in the development of Knickbocker’s first EP, “Betty”, instilling new life and meaning into the project. In 2021, Anna Brown (guitar), Tommy Diaz (cello), and Mitch McDonald (drums), joined Willernie; all were randomly connected through intertwining social circles, the internet, and a shared love of creating musical and emotional soundscapes. Belonging is at the core of Willernie’s music, and similarly to the band’s trajectory to one another, it serves to draw listeners in and feel at home.

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LASKA is fronted by sisters, hannah and mookie who write beautifully self-aware and earnest songs.The melancholy, harmony-driven sound draws from the midwestern heartland just as much as the West Coast and continues to evolve as their landscape changes. The writing of LASKA has a way of leaving you at the beck and call of a song’s emotional territory. Haunting, reflective, and lovely. In 2022, LASKA released their sophomore full-length album, “Endless Patcher” recorded and produced by Evan Middlesworth in Eau Claire, WI. The new music hits the sweet spot that sits between folk-influenced pop and rock. What you hear on Endless Patcher isn’t really a patchwork, as the album’s evocative title might lead you to believe. It’s an album that addresses the density of lived experience. If a record can be both mystical and grounded in the everyday, Endless Patcher fits the bill.

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Ritual Jaw (formerly Sword II Mouth)

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