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Wren the Band

Brittany Danielle, Fawkes Glove


Wren the Band
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Brittany Danielle
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Danielle, who has played in popular bands in Seattle like Purr Gato, graced stages like The Tractor Tavern and those abroad in cities as far away as Germany, has worked in children’s theater and performed in musicals, too. She’s a quilt of experience held with uneasy stitching. At times her songs sound like a stroll down a city street, others like the corners of your consciousness. Standouts include the unburdening, “Hindsight,” and sauntering, “Nothing.” But don’t fret. In the end, of course, she’s got the world dancing on a line.

Fawkes Glove
Fawkes Glove is a three piece rock and roll outfit based in Portland Oregon. Combining modern song writing with a retro- blues vibe the trio delivers gritty reverberated tunes with a high energy stage presence.

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